In the surrounding area you will find many possibilities for entertaining and exploring


Surely there is no need to present a spa town situated on the Elbe River famous for Czech King George of Poděbrady. His castle chambers are not accessible, but even so, everyone finds their own in Poděbrady.

Distance: 15 km


Under the shadow of Poděbrady, however, an equally important point of interest for cyclists, skaters and other athletes is the royal city of Nymburk, with its majestic ramparts and the famous Brewery of Postřižiny.

Distance: 15 km

Chlumec nad Cidlinou

In nearby Chlumec nad Cidlina you can visit several interesting places. One of them is the theme park Fajnpark, which offers fun for children and adults for the day. If you would like to admire the sights, then by all means visit the Chateau Karlova Koruna.

Distance: 15 km


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